Onboarding Summary

For the purposes of onboarding, below are the questions proposed:

What does your store sell and why?

  • Shoes by Colin of course! 
  • These are shoes, in many manifestations, that have been procured or produced by Colin.

Who's your target audience?

  • webperf devs who look for examples to talk about web performance

What was the biggest challenge you faced in creating your store?

  • Creating good visual content, specifically background removal from photos taken from my phone

What worked really well when using our platform?

  • selecting and editing components

What could be improved when using our platform?

  • ability to drag and drop components and edit in line rather than editing pages and layouts through a secondary menu

How did this experience help you build empathy for our merchants?

  • There are many aesthetics to deliberate on that can easily consume a lot of time.

What is your biggest takeaway from this experience?

  • The flexibility of the theme layouts provides many variations that can cause performance issues